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HOSTED “Reality Tours” since 2000, analyzing Rochester’s poverty from a perspective most people haven’t considered. Almost 3000 people have taken these tours. Register for the next Reality Tour here.

ORGANIZED highly attended community wide conferences on poverty such as: Beyond Band-Aids: Advocating for change; Poverty and violence: Assault on human rights; “Building alliances: A vision for ending poverty.” Check out our most recent conference- Connect. Move. Act.

SPONSORED workshops by nationally known educators and activists such as: Frances Fox Piven; Ethel Long Scott; Willie Baptist, Elijah Anderson; Cheri Honkala; Diane Dujon; Ann Withorn, Tim Wise and others. Coming spring 2017: Jose Benitez, Director of Prevention Point Philadelphia.

SPONSORED community Human Rights Dialogues on such issues as: immigration rights, housing foreclosures and homelessness, Radical Practices and Human Rights and making Rochester a Human Rights City.

COLLABORATED with grass roots organizations, students, and other community activists and allies to document Economic Human Rights Violations and sponsored Truth Commissions on these violations.

WORKED as allies with local and national poor people’s organizations to organize marches, speak-outs, and voter registration campaigns.

ATTENDED numerous conferences in New York and surrounding areas, most recently involving Michigan Water Rights programs.