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The Social Welfare Action Alliance: founded in 1985 – is based on key principles that reflect a concern for social justice, peace and coalition building with transformative social movements.  SWAA is committed to developing a community of social service workers that understands and embraces radical practice and theory, to create solutions that address the fundamental causes of personal and societal distress. 

Check out our national website:                     http://www.socialwelfareactionalliance.org/

What guides our principles: Radical social workers see connections between societal oppression and the personal issues with which many clients struggle. This form of practice is grounded in securing human rights as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948.  Radical social workers ask “What would social service work look like if all people had the human right to food, housing, education and jobs at a living wage?” Fundamental to progressive social work practice is the analysis of the immediate, underlying and structural causes of human rights violations. What forces are preventing powerless people from fulfilling their basic human needs?